Alamak Icon Help
We put this in a seperate window so you can leave it open for reference while chatting.

Double slash is no longer required or accepted for icons or word modifications. It is only used now for //fade and line modifications like //bo or //r //g etc.

If you have been /granted by an Operator or you are an Operator you can use icons simple by typing /iconname and it will be inserted.

There is a limit to how many icons you can put per line because it does slow down the page loading of other users.

Shortcuts other than the icon name are no longer supported and you don't have to put .gif after it anymore. In short it's alot simpler.

 1-a   a-b   b-b   b-b   b-c   c-c   c-d   d-f   f-g   [ g-h ]   h-h 
 h-l   l-n   n-p   p-p   p-r   r-s   s-t   t-t   t-w   w-z 
  /glomp2     /golfclap     /goodnight  
  /google     /grapes     /greyh  
  /greyhh     /greykitty     /grill  
  /grin     /grin1     /grin4  
  /groucho     /grouphug     /growup  
  /gtg     /guns     /guns1  
  /haha2     /haha3     /haha31  
  /hahah     /ham     /hammock  
  /hammy     /handcuff     /happy  
  /happybday     /happyjig1     /hbday